RAID Data Recovery

RAID data recovery allows for the professional, fast, data recovery due to any cause of your RAID server storage system. Engineers have developed numerous RAID data recovery techniques to enable data recovery from your RAID array. Data Recovery Agents can recommend a great data recovery company no matter what caused the data loss. Most RAID data recovery services actually work very well.

Data loss can cripple an organisation but in most cases, the data can be retrieved.

When your RAID server enterprise storage system fails, it can be quite devastating on your organisation. The data loss caused by such a failure is not only disruptive to productivity but financial losses incurred to a company can be extreme. If the data disaster caused by a RAID server failure is not immediately managed properly, the data loss can become permanent. It is therefore imperative to find a RAID data recovery team that is experienced at handling the most difficult RAID recovery problems.

What you should do?

  • Do not panic
  • Turn off the affected computer hardware
  • Do not attempt to repair the failed device
  • Contact us immediately

Our engineers treat every RAID recovery as a priority. Once the server or drives reach the lab, engineers will evaluate them and find out the problem with the raid array. In the evaluation process, workers will determine whether the RAID array has logical corruption to the array structure, or if the drives in the RAID array have suffered physical damage.

In the case of logical corruption, the engineer will make a raw image onto storage media, and then de-stripe the array using proprietary tools (software and hardware). This process can be repeated several times to get better results. In case of physical damage to a drive(s), each drive will be taken to a clean room and fixed. Then raw images will be taken and the de-stripe process will be done on the whole raid array.


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