Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery allows for the professional, fast, data recovery due to any cause of your hard drive storage system. Engineers have developed numerous hard drive data recovery techniques to enable data recovery from your computer hard drive.

When your computer hard drive fails, it can be quite devastating on your work, professional life, or home computing. The data loss caused by such a failure is not only disruptive to productivity but financial losses can be serious as well. If the data disaster caused by a hard drive failure is not immediately managed properly, the data loss can become permanent. It is therefore imperative to find a hard drive recovery team that is experienced at handling the most difficult hard drive recovery problems.

We specialise in hard drive recovery operations, regardless of the type of media, configuration, operating system, or platform of your hard drive. Our recovery engineers can recover your data even if all other means of retrieval have failed.

The best way to deal with hard drive failure is "leave it alone" and call a professional for further evaluation and recovery.


Common types of crashes

Physical Crash

When your hard drive is making a ticking or a scratching noise due to age or bad parts, the aperture arm in the hard drive can fail, failed motors or the platters can become damaged and lose the data that they hold. Physical damage could also be due to mishandling of the hard drive or circuit failure of the PCB board which is attached to the hard drive. Physical damage always causes at least some data loss, and in many cases due to physical damage the logical structures of the file system also may get damaged, all such damages constitute physical crashes of hard drive.

Logical Crash

Far more common than physical damage is logical damage to a file system. Logical damage is primarily caused by human error which includes accidental deletion of files, accidentally formatting drive and power outages may cause file system structures getting damaged. Causing a variety of problems, system crashes, or an actual loss of data. Our data recovery technicians and engineers are highly skilled and experienced in the latest state-of-the-art data recovery techniques with years of successful recoveries experience behind them. To recover data from all the above mentioned cases we follow a standardised data recovery process.


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